Hogglepot—the name of the e-zine where my short story “Stay The Night” can be found. It was inspired by a song that shares the title (by James Blunt). The song has something to do with a beach party and campfires and love and other things. So I listened to James’s song and wrote this story. It is also about love and beaches, but it’s about other things too, things like space travel and winged aliens. Mostly it’s a love story though. If you want to check it out, then here is the link:


(story features as of March 18th for one week before being archived)

You might notice the e-zine emblem is  a flying pig. And you might wonder about the funny e-zine name–Hogglepot. I’m not sure what Hogglepot means (Google had nothing to offer). I think I get the flying pig emblem though—my story fits this category! But Brooke Johnson is the editor who kindly (and I’d like to think, wisely) accepted Stay The Night. She is also an author and a novelist living in Northwest Arkansas. Thank you, Brooke.

I hope you might read Stay The Night. If you do, also check out James Blunt’s song. Do you get a sense of the song in the story? Does the song evoke similar feelings as the story?

Also, consider this blog my sign-off.  Once again I’ve been summoned to the Land of Oz.  I’m not sure if I’ll get to meet the wizard, but I sure hope I do—I doesn’t hurt to get a wish or two granted.

Until I find my way back, best of luck and thank you for reading my blog.

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