Vienna Writers 2012 Retreat

For five days in May, a group of us Vienna Writers retreated to the idyllic lakeside town of St Wolfgang (at the Wolfgangsee) to indulge ourselves in our writing. Some of us wrote short stories; others, novel chapters. We took breaks to read our work to  one another, and to give feedback. We all agreed that it was most useful to have someone else read our work aloud: We really got a sense of those “sags” in our stories, or when something just didn’t work.

I worked on two short stories. One, I will submit to the Bridport Prize competition, which closes at the end of this month. The other, despite my best efforts, needs more work (something that became readily apparent  during a reading).

We also discussed a Vienna Writer’s short story collection, and an original theme or concept to bind these stories together. We think we may have found it. I’m afraid I’m sworn to secrecy at this stage. Publication date: end of 2013.

When we weren’t writing or discussing our writing, we took breaks to explore the town and the lakeside, and various cafes and restaurants and “wirtshaus” type establishments. The cuisine, we all thought, was as agreeable as the location.

Anyway, the writers’ retreat was a success. By the end of it we were already talking about a winter retreat, when we can hole ourselves up in a snow-bound lodge  and create dark masterpieces. I hope it happens.

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4 responses to “Vienna Writers 2012 Retreat”

  1. Sylvia says :

    Sounds great! What a wonderful place, too. And that getting outside one´s own voice is so beneficial. Allbest for the Bridport!

  2. paulmalone says :

    Thanks, Sylvia. We really had a good time. I’ll let you know how this short story collection pans-out. I was thinking we might include stories from current and former (no mentioning names!) participants. Hope all is going well for you.

  3. johnlmalone says :

    that’s so exciting paul; it sounds like it was really worthwhile: both productive and instructive in that you read and critiqued each other’s work. An anthology would seem to be the ideal product from the retreat. A theme is critical which is where our anthology fell down because it did not have one. A retreat is a terrific idea. I shall promote it to the marion writers group.

  4. paulmalone says :

    The theme, we’re working on. We have a few original ideas, and I think there might even be substantial interest in the book. Who knows! I’ll keep you in the loop.

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